Our History

Our Firm was founded in 2009, in response to a society that sought for legal advice, especially in themes related to administrative law, with a particular emphasis in matters associated with real estate development, retailer and shipping companies.

Since its establishment, the law firm has focused and specialized in litigious issues regarding Environmental and Real Estate Law, but our experience has taken us to specialize in diverse issues associated with Administrative Law.

Thus, during our development we have managed to consolidate an important experience and offer services in Civil, Commercial, Criminal and Energetic Law.

Even though our service offer has gone wider and diversified, in each one of our activities we maintain, as a common denominator, the principle that motivated the birth of our institution, preserving to this day, the excellence and quality in the service we provide to our clients. Today we are consolidated as a modern institution that combines experience and youth, to make them our best asset to obtain positive outcomes and design creative solutions for our clients.

Our competitive advantage

a unique service scheme

We share

a great passion

Our PRO BONO commitment

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