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Our competitive advantage 

A unique service scheme 

“Our commitment is to provide a legal service of excellence to our clients. To achieve this, we rely on a team of talented, creative, experienced and qualified attorneys in diverse areas of practice, who share our institutional values”.

Working to accomplish positive outcomes requires the development of different mechanisms, controls and technical/administrative procedures to achieve an effective and profitable result.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider that most of the cases that are postulated in litigation require a detailed investigation of local regulation, case studies, jurisprudence, international law, etc. We motivate our lawyers to pursue constant academic preparation.

We share a great passion

Our common aspirations makes each one of us a key important member of the firm. Proof of the above is that most of our lawyers were recruited since they were interns and still continue developing their practice in the firm as associates. That sense of belonging strengthens our commitment to the values of the institution.

We firmly believe that the business world is sufficiently complex, therefore our objective is to become facilitators and business promoters, not the opposite.

Pro Bono commitment to the community.

In order to reaffirm our commitment, with Pro Bono activities, the firm actively promotes the institutionalization of our Pro Bono legal advisory program by handling strategic litigation and conducting research or legal advice.

Our strategy focuses on reinforcing our team’s commitment to serving Pro Bono projects. Going abroad, our Firm maintains close relationships with leading organizations in promoting Pro Bono work in the region, such as the Mexican Bar Association (BMA), the National Chamber of Housing (CANADEVI), the Chamber of Real Estate Owners of Nuevo León (CAPROBI) and the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC); organizations that facilitate the access of our firm to Pro Bono projects with deep community impact.